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About Us


School At Glance

Delhi Public World School is a Green School spread over a sprawling 5 acre campus.As we stand at the threshold of a new era, the role of education has changed. In the current scenario education needs to prepare the learners to meet the challenges and demands of the ever-changing society. Here, we believe that today’s child is tomorrow’s adult.So, one has to go beyond the traditional methods and ensure educationfor understanding that is excellent in quality, and prepares global citizens that are ready to face the challenges of the brave new world.

We aim at providing K-12 Education that every childdeserves and our endeavour is to go beyond the traditional methods toensure excellence along with providing a strong base in ethics because itis our belief that when excellence meets ethics, the disciple’s mind goesbeyond facts and standardized tests.

Our priorities are achievements of our students. To this end we have Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system framed by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi which refers to a system of school based evaluation of learners that covers all aspects of development.

We appreciate diversity and realize that each young individual is different and so our constant endeavour is to help each child realize his potential and discover new horizons. Our philosophy is to believe in bringing out the best in learners so that they can rise to the top, Laying special emphasis on language development we have Language Lab that help our learners to acquire a deeper understanding of their chosen language with lessons in pronunciation, voice modulation, etc.

Here every child is made to feel special and cared for. It is a school where learning is fun and exciting. With beautifully manicured lawns and state-of-the-art-infrastructure the school understands the needs of the present time.

School Emblem

Delhi Public World School is dedicated to excel in every field of education. Biggest natural resource for us is children mind. Our objective is not to limit the thought but to shape it. For us every child is a leader of tomorrow and we leave no stones unturned to nurture it to its fullest.

In emblem four segments represent different aspects of learning:

The Shield

Signifies protection of children from negative thought because negative mind will never give positive life.

The book

We give every aspect of knowledge required for personality development which makes them worldly wise.

The torch

Represents ambition and aspiration which removes darkness of mind and ignites student passion towards successful and glorious future.

The leaf

Signifies every culture on earth. It represents that we should respect each other. It creates feeling of brotherhood, love and affection

Our  Delhi Public World School Team


Dr. Surendra Singh


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MRs. Louise Khurshid


Dr. Anuradha Yadav



Gaurav Yadav


Saurabh Yadav



Sanket Yadav


1 Dr. Anuradha Yadav Principal
2  Mr Ankit Sharma Vice-Principal
3 Ms. Tina Bhargava Teacher
4 Ms. Chetna Mathur Teacher
5 Ms. Lakshmi Yadav Teacher
6 Mr. Deendayal Teacher
7 Dr. Anuradha Yadav Teacher
8 Ms. Namita Jangid Teacher
9 Dr. Anjali Sharma Teacher
10 Ms. Asha Kaushik Teacher
11 Ms. Pooja Gandhi Teacher
12 Ms. Anita Rathi Teacher
13 Ms. Monika Sharma Teacher
14 Mr. Vinod Kumar Music Teacher
15 Ms. Aditi Sharma Teacher
16 Mr. Dileep Singh Naruka Teacher
17 Mr. Toshendra Ratiya Teacher
18 Ms. Deepa Ganda Teacher
19 Ms. Priyanka Sharma Teacher
20 Ms. Indra Seth Teacher
21 Ms. Urvashi Malik Teacher
22 Mr. Veeresh Punjani Computer Teacher
23 Ms. Nitu Rani Teacher
24 Ms. Shubhda Khandelwal Teacher
25 Ms. Savi Gupta Teacher
26 Mr. Sandeep Yadav Sports Teacher
27 Mr. Dhirendra Gautam Teacher
28 Ms. Kanika Arora Teacher
29 Ms. Reena Sharma Teacher
30 Mr. Manish Sharma  Administrator
31 Mr. Bipin Kumar  Administrator
32 Ms. Barkha Jagarwal  Administrator
33 Ms. Komal Sharma  Administrator
34 Ms. Prabhjot Kaur Teacher
35 Ms. Anjali Bhardwaj Special Educator
36 Ms. Sandeep Yadav Teacher
37 Ms. Lakshmi Soni Teacher
38 Ms. Sapna Jaiman Teacher
39 Ms. Kavita Kumari Teacher
40 Ms. Manu Bai Teacher