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Summer Vacation is the time for children to take time off from the regular chore of going to school and getting down to the curriculum. And summer camp is in another way an opportunity to horn certain skills while having fun.


Keeping this in mind, Delhi public World School, Alwar in association with Dainik Bkaskar  organised a 15- days summer camp ‘Ullass’ for children at pre- primary campus, Moti Dungri. The camp was started on 15th May 2018. There were around 400 students registered in the camp. The Camp started with the lamp lighting ceremony by the Chairman of the school, Mr. Surendra Yadav . Mr. Gaurav Yadav & Mr. Saurav Yadav – Directors DPWSA, Dr. Sanket Yadav – Secretary DPWSA, Mrs. Pooja Chauhan – Principal DPWSA , teachers and staff welcomed the children in the camp. Mrs. Pooja Chauhan – Principal, gave a formal introduction to the students of  the  activities being conducted in camp.


The most intriguing aspect embellishing the camp, was the splendid dance activity , being conducted by mentors Ms. Richa Vashishtha & Ms. Neha Sharma , involving mass student participation who splattered on the floor.


Another activity involving mass students involvement was the art & craft ,origami, card making, block printing, paper mache & paper quilling activity being taught by Ms. Savi Gupta, Ms. Manisha Yadav, Ms. Urvashi & Ms. Monica ,in which students of all age group  participated with great enthusiasm and created beautiful  masterpieces.


One activity being enjoyed by kids very much was the instrumental music activity being conducted by the able mentors Ms. Jyoti Bhatia &Mr. Vinod , in which students were able to combine several elements of music to create a piece of work.


In the cooking without flame activity, conducted by Ms. Tina &Ms. Prabhjot children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm as they doled out nutritious yet delectable delicacies selected post exhaustive research.


The aerobics activity especially for the kids was also an icing on the cake which was being conducted by Ms. Neha Narang & Ms. Kanika. The activity helped the students to strengthen their heart , tone their muscles and improve the body posture.


Clay can captivate a child’s interest for hours and it has a calming effect. Clay improves creativity , enhances motor skills, sensory development 7 self- esteem. All these benefits were enjoyed by  the students in the pottery activity being conducted by Ms. Pooja kalra .


Self- Defence classes which give you the ability to protect yourself and overcome an attacker were also conducted in the camp by a renowed trainer Ms. Payal & Mr. Dilip.


Skating is an activity for kids of all ages. It takes a lot of courage and energy to get on the rink and get moving. Skating promotes confidence. It’s physical. It can burn calories while having fun. All these benefits were enjoyed by the kids in the skating classes being conducted in the camp by a renowed trainer Mr. Abhishek Sharma and Ms. Pooja Gandhi.


One of the biggest benefits of having the ability to fluently speak and understand English isits global status. English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. To impart training in English language, we had Spoken English & Personality Development Classes conducted in the camp by our very capable English teachers Mr. Toshendra and Ms. Laxmi.


Last but not the least , to develop a healthy appreciation of culture and the arts, improve self- confidence, imagination, empathy , co-operation, concentration and communication skills , the performing arts activity was being conducted in the camp by Mr. Toshendra. Children learnt and performed on a skit in this activity. They enjoyed this activity as it was a medium of self- expression for them.


Ms. Deepa Ganda and Ms. Chetna Mathur were the overall incharges of the summer camp. They were the heart and soul of the camp bringing all the fun , energy, songs and craziness to the camp. They were able to take on the responsibility for this position and performed their duties whole – heartedly.


Delhi Public World School , Alwar in association with Amity University , Jaipur conducted an Education fair on 28th May , 2018. Competitions were held in the education fair for the students of different age groups. In the 11-15 years age group, the students participated in Essay Writing Competition on the theme ‘Vision 2025- Future Education / Future School’. In the 6- 15 years age group , their was the slogan writing competition on the theme ‘ Green India Clean India’ . Their was also a selfie contest for children of 6-15 years age group. The winners of the competitions were given certificates and prizes. The students participated in large number with full zeal and enthusiasm.


With this, the summer camp came to an end. It was a fun – filled camp where students enjoyed learning different activities .


Children will have memories of the camp , which will last forever…!!!

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